Thank you!


Thanks to "" created by Matthew Rozell that enabled so many survivors to reunite with their liberators.

The Farsleben Train Tracks is the spot that needs to be remembered for those who were alive and for generations hereafter.

Finally special thanks to all those who have contributed donations to make it possible to acquire this special Monument to be placed near the Train Tracks in Farsleben, which was possible with the help of the local historian Klaus-Peter Keweloh and his son Daniel and the locals of Farsleben, Hillersleben, Wolmirstedt and Magdeburg and last of all the Stranded Train Committee.

Last but not least thanks to these individuals for their support:

  • Klaus-Peter Keweloh - Local historian acquainted with all the facts
  • Daniel Keweloh - Local advisor and translator
  • Johanna Mücke - Local advisor and translator
  • Micha Tomkiewicz - A train survivor, Special advisor
  • Rom Eizenberg - For the preperation of the wireless monument chip
  • Karin Petersen - Wolmirstedt Gymnasium History Teacher, Board Member of the Stranded Train Committee
  • Anette Pilz - Wolmirstedt Museum Director, Board Member of the Stranded Train Committee 
  • Michael Elbaum - Son of train survivor, Special advisor
  • Steph Vaessen - For preparing the Foundation, Chairman of the Foundation
  • Johan Hoekstra - Notary for volunteering his services for the Foundation
  • Ed Schroeders - Secretary of the Foundation
  • Eke Zijlstra - Treasurer of the Foundation
  • The Rotary Club Heerlen -Supporting the Foundation
  • Frans Gijzel, Rotary Club Heerlen - Support to the Foundation
  • Mrs. Moritz - A Farsleben child in 1945 who was witness to it all
  • Lida Chaulet - For making the website
  • Varda Weisskopf - A daughter of a train survivor, for her role in contacting survivors and their families.
  • Wencop Kwekerijen, Barneveld, Holland - For supplying us with hickory trees, Cayra Ovata.